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About Us

Food Choice at Work is a spin-out company from University College Cork, Ireland that has developed a Leading Edge Healthy Eating Management System for employees. Resting on over 6 years of scientific research led by Dr Fiona Geaney and Professor Ivan Perry, our employee centric methods have been proven to improve employees’ diet and health and reduce obesity and absenteeism levels. We are informed by the World Health Organisation’s Global Action Plan for the prevention of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancers and diabetes. Our scientific background sets us apart from conventional workplace health programmes that provide low intensity nutrition advice to employees and do not support the caterer or workplace.

Food Choice at Work deals directly with caterers, workplace stakeholders and employees to make fundamental positive changes in food purchasing, preparation and presentation. Our data-driven programme is tailored to the culture and climate of each individual workplace. For more information on our evidence based packages, have a look at our What We Do section. Meet Our Team who include leading experts and thought leaders in public health, nutrition and dietetics. Read Our Scientific Articles where we ensure that our programme remains at the forefront of scientific research. We passionately believe that every workplace should be a healthy workplace so Contact Us for help in deciding which package is right for your workplace!

Do you want to make the healthy choice more convenient for your employees?